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The Weare Area Writers Guild comes together to share our work, provide feedback, and encourage each other.
We meet at 10:30 am on the 1st and 3rd Fridays each month, at the Senior Center at 33 North Stark Highway (Route 114), Weare, New Hampshire 03281.

You can buy signed books from us at the events listed below or purchase unsigned copies online. Click on the image of any book, and it will take you to the purchase link. Most are available on Kindle and in paperback.
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"Ellen Reed has that rare writing gift of Samuel Clemens [Mark Twain]. She spins a heartfelt folksy tale filled with intrigue and mystery. . . . 
Be warned: once you start reading you may not want to stop." (Amazon review on BARRED OWL FARM)

"Forget your to-do list. I loved this book and read it in two days. . . . We all know how it ends, but there is suspense on every page." (Amazon review on UNTIMELY DEATH)

"This book is a must read for anyone." (Amazon review on UNTIMELY DEATH)


“Intensely absorbing." (Historical Novel Society on UNDER THE SUGAR SUN)

“Fantastic!” (Balangiga expert on SUGAR MOON)

“So this book I was saving for the long weekend? Readers, I just finished it. WHY DID I READ IT SO FAST?” (BookThingo on SUGAR MOON)

“Reading this book feels like a spoon gliding through a custard dessert.” (Goodreads review on TEMPTING HYMN)


"If only American history were taught to school children as colorfully and truthfully as Evans portrays the era she writes of. She manages to entertain, frighten, comfort, and teach her readers with subtlety and depth." (Amazon review on PINE TREE RIOT)

"The reader shares a roller coaster of emotions from the tedium of camp life to the palpable tension awaiting the initial clash of arms." (Amazon review on VALOR UNDER FIRE)

"As I read, I find I'm annoyed if someone interrupts me." (Amazon review on VALOR UNDER FIRE)


"...a deeply honest and moving account of their struggle with Alzheimer’s disease." (Concord Regional Visiting Nurse Association on MELTING ICE—SHIFTING SAND)

"A unique contribution to the literature on living with Alzheimer's." (Rev. John McCausland, Holy Cross Episcopal Church)

"This is a spiritual memoir, both candid and uplifting, a map for others in this heartbreaking situation. Pilgrimage is a powerful, beautiful love story that is not to be missed." (Director, Goffstown Public Library on PILGRIMAGE ON ICE)


“Put your chair and toes in the sand and take in the quintessential Maine scene....This book will transport you into a world of emotions with characters whose personalities you’ll come to love!” (Lisa Baron on HOPE FROM DAFFODILS)

"This book is one that grabs hold of you right from the start and has you falling in love with the characters! Karen’s written words paint a picture of scenery and setting so even if you’ve never been to Maine you understand and envision it." (Amazon review on HOPE FROM DAFFODILS)


"Kevin Lane has not re-invented the genre here but he has taken it and produced a highly polished, skillful and above all enjoyable book that will allow readers to escape into a richly textured fantasy world." (Fantasy Book Review on GLAMMENPORT)

"I actually enjoyed this book a lot. It had a little of everything - elves, pirates, paranormal, magic, steam punk and lots of adventure." (Amazon review on GLAMMENPORT)

"I spent several nights lost in this book way past bedtime." (Amazon review on GLAMMENPORT)


"In a clear, conversational tone, [Sullivan] offers practical and reassuring advice on a range of topics, including how fathers influence what their sons read, what kind of physical environment fosters reading, and why reading large numbers of titles—even below grade level—is essential to making boys lifelong readers." (School Library Journal on RAISING BOY READERS)

"A self-proclaimed non-reader, Sullivan has taken his knowledge of the reluctantly un-read and found ways to turn them into avid word crunchers using tactics such as the undead." (Enchanting Reviews on THE SAPPHIRE KNIGHT)

In The Press
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Please contact Ellen Reed for more in-person event information.

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